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Two Oh One Five

Wow. It’s 2015. I’ve been not so great at updating this place. Sorry about that, all you crazy readers out there. It’s been cold as Mars over here in Chicago. According to the Adler Planetarium the real feel in Chicago is colder than the temperature of Mars. That’s just ridiculous. Anyways, asides from hibernating-literally, I had’t left the house in days- I’ve been busy with much. Mainly I’ve been busy with a puzzle. Around the New Year, Heather and I became really interested in puzzles. So now Thomas Kinkade has a disassembled painting on our coffee table.

We also did a lot of rearranging of the office. It’s now complete with my guitars, a new desk and new art!


Loyola Drumline

Loyola’s Men’s basketball team has been playing incredibly well. Well, incredibly well for them. It’s amazing to have them playing well because it makes my work days much more fun. This Sunday is the Wichita St. vs. LUC home game. It’s selling out and it’s going to be terrific, even though the chances of them winning is slim. Just go to ESPN and see how good Wichita St. is.

New Music & an International Tour

So the most exciting current news is that I will be touring to Ireland in April! I will be speaking at the Dublin Conservatory of Music & Drama on Friday April 24th and then the Concorde Ensemble will be performing at the RHA Gallery in Dublin on April 26th. They will be performing Bird in Space with a projected photo of Brâncusi’s Golden BirdThis is an incredibly exciting event and I cannot wait to go. I’ll do my best to write a post each day of the tour.

I am a selectee of the 2014/15 3Arts Projects

In April 3Arts will be hosting an online crowdfunding platform that allows everyone to invest directly in the work of Chicago artists. It’s an incredibly cool organization and I am honored to have been selected to be a part of this. I will share more about this project in the upcoming months, but it will be funding the production of a new CD with brand new works! Yay new music!

There’s also new music on Soundcloud, go take a listen!

Music Reviews

Have your read all of my reviews? They are all available on my Facebook as well as the Chicago Stage Standard website. Go check ’em out. I’d love to hear your comments!


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