October 23, 2015 Admin

A Change of Scenery

Today it’s warm again. As a Chicagoan I know that I should enjoy and appreciate good weather because here seasons change. So today I headed over to local café Spoke & Bird. It’s a favorite local spot of mine featuring a great atmosphere and delicious coffee.

I realized today that I’ve spent everyday working in my home studio for a while. It was time to get out, write somewhere else…think somewhere else. So here I am writing from the courtyard of Spoke & Bird.

This fall has been going by quickly. Do I say that in every post? Time just seems to speed up. “Three Pieces for Five Timpani” premiered on September 27th at Ganz Hall. Unfortunately I had to miss the world premiere, but I did get to enjoy the weather and the water in Monterey, CA. Upon my return I heard nothing but praise for Ed Harrison’s performance of my solos. In fact, there is a recording of the solos available on Soundcloud now.

Around the beginning of September I was selected to compose a snare drum solo for intermediate level. This solo, titled “Whispers”, will be published in the Percussive Arts Society publication, Rhythm! Scene. You will be able to find it in February 2016. Working on this project was very inspiring and turned into a new book of snare drum solos called “The Seven Etudes I Met In Music Scool.” The book features solos ranging from intermediate to advanced. The solos are written to be melodic and musical. Each one has it’s own style and is dedicated to a percussionist I met during my CCPA years. You’ll be able to find the whole book for sale in early 2016.

The New American Timpani project has continued to grow. I will be guest lecturing on Timpani Orchestration at colleges around Illinois, including Illinois State University, Elmhurst College. I’m really excited to share my research and help composers better understand timpani. The quartet and the concerto are also coming along. I’ll have a post about each of them this winter.

I’ll be at PASIC 2015 in San Antonio in a few weeks. I will have a few pieces with me for sale, including the new timpani solos.

Next up is the world premiere of “Kill the Oceans!” by members of the Temporal Brass Quintet. This will happen in early December. The group is doing a killer job on the piece. It’s a piece with mystery and heroism with a very haunting twist. This reflects how fragile our oceans are. I guess it had been a while since I wrote something overly dark. Haha.

This weather is truly delightful. I encourage you all to head out and enjoy the day. I’m gonna head back in to he studio to write some more stuff then take Lance to the dog park. Sometimes I feel bad about spending time outside without him, especially when I know how he loves it like 10x more than me.