February 24, 2016 Admin

Finding the Time


This month I have spent 4 weeks spread across five different jobs. I was doing production for the Chinese Fine Arts Society, Education Coordinator for the Northwest Indiana Symphony Orchestra, composing the parts for the concerto for CCPA Percussion Ensemble, performing with the CCPA Wind Ensemble and running the drumline at Loyola University Chicago. I’m a bit exhausted. It was, however, tons of fun. I find that I am a very lucky person to get to live the life I do. It is, at times, tense and frustrating, but it is also never boring and full of excitement. I have enjoyed every moment of this crazy life of freelancing.

Did you see the feature of my new snare drum solo Whispers by the Percussive Arts Society?


Now, as things start to wind down, I’m gearing up for my next projects. Tonight is the final men’s basketball game of the season for the Loyola Ramblers. It has been an exciting season and tonight is the home closer against Wichita State. It’s going to be a crazy game. I always enjoy this game because it brings the largest audience. A packed house really makes the job more fun. In addition to the game, I am graduating four seniors. It’s really crazy to me that I have worked at LUC for four years and I’m lucky to have had such awesome students to work with. It will be sad to see them go, but I know they have promising careers ahead.

The rehearsals for the concerto start tonight for me. I will be conducting it, don’t worry, I’ll practice. It’s a bit complex and I’m excited that I took the chance to experiment with the music. I decided to go with something easier on the audience tonally, but complex for the ensemble. I also thought it would be interesting for me to force myself to work within a certain form. I decided to work with a sort of Rondo form, inserting cadenzas where I please. I’m excited to watch it grow in rehearsals, I’ll keep you updated. Rehearsals also start this week for the timpani quartet, currently titled Live Together, Die Alone. A little homage to LOST. This will be premiered on the same evening as the concerto, April 20, 2016.

I am excited to have been asked to compose for the Access Contemporary Music Sounds of Silent Films Festival. As you may know, film music has always been a passion of mine and I’m very excited about this project. The wonderful Palomar Ensemble, led by Francesco Milioto, will be performing the music. This event is amazing, buy your tickets early. I will be scoring a little romantic-comedy film. It’s going to be an interesting challenge, but it will be fun to develop the characters with no dialog.

There are additional performances coming up, including a premiere by members of the Temporal Brass Quintet. The Chicago premiere of Adagio for Those Who Need It will be on April 9, 2016 with Joe Pascarello and the world premiere of Kill the Oceans! will be on April 20, 2016 (before the concerto) by Derek Fitting and Eric Murphy.

Of course there is the big exciting concert at Carnegie Hall coming up. I leave for NYC soon, can’t wait to get back there. This is a dream come true to hear my own music at Carnegie Hall. Be sure to attend the Chicago performance of Breath on May 25th!

For now, stay warm everyone, beware that snow on its way.