September 21, 2016 Admin


My last post was February of 2016, so where have I been?

Tim Corpus is a composer with a genuine lyric impulse. He writes music that is at the same time challenging and appealing – which should be the ideal of any composer. He has a wonderful ear for sound and for shape. This is a composer with a real and important voice.
Henry Fogel – Dean, Chicago College of Performing Arts, Roosevelt University

Unfortunately, not on vacation. This summer was incredibly busy as I’ve been settling in to my new position of General Manager for the Hyde Park Youth Symphony. HPYS is a 62 year old non-profit based in Hyde Park that has gone through many changes in the last few years. It’s been an exciting, albeit busy time settling into my new position, but I’m very excited about what the organization has to offer. We rehearse and perform in the David & Reva Logan Center for the Arts, so you can’t beat that. One of the reasons I took this position was because of the challenge ahead. This is an organization with a lot to offer but has been through many ups and downs over the past 60 years. It’s exciting to be able to walk in a make change happen. I am finding that I get very bored when I work and work and see no change. This organization is on the rise and it’s so exciting to see the development. I’ve rebuilt a website for the group as well as many other managerial duties. Check out the site, I think I did a pretty OK job.

I am continuing my work with the Northwest Indiana Symphony as Education Coordinator. This has also been intensely busy as I’m planning and organizing our annual education concert. Who knew that working out the logistics of 6000 kids attending a concert was difficult? I also spent time building a study guide for the education concert. Check it out!

Back in June the Chicago College of Performing Arts Percussion Ensemble, along with Ed Harrison (Lyric Opera) recorded my Concerto for Timpani. It was a fun experience, but took a lot of time in editing. I am excited to announce that it’s finished and ready to roll out. I’ll be releasing a clip of the recording soon!13188083_269469320058412_139055186_n



Meanwhile, in August I started my 5th season as director of the Loyola University Drumline. We had an exciting camp and are looking forward to a very strong season. We even have a website now!

All of this work was mixed on top of my work composing ‘Firework’, a new Wind Ensemble work, for the Chicago College of Performing Arts. The world premiere is set for September 29, 7:30pm. The work is a short fanfare-like work that will kick off the concert. Fast, short and sweet, ‘Firework’is a thrill-ride of explosions and color.

The last news is there will be a few performances of my works in Minnesota in the upcoming months. On November 21st the St. Katherine’s University String Orchestra will be performing Breath. See you there!