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22 Jun 2017


My what a whirlwind year it has been so far. Apparently working three jobs and trying to be a composer…

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21 Sep 2016


My last post was February of 2016, so where have I been? Unfortunately, not on vacation. This summer was incredibly…

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24 Feb 2016

Finding the Time

February=busy. This month I have spent 4 weeks spread across five different jobs. I was doing production for the Chinese…

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23 Oct 2015

A Change of Scenery

Today it's warm again. As a Chicagoan I know that I should enjoy and appreciate good weather because here seasons…

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22 May 2015

Why We Work

Early this week Heather became tasked with putting together a video for University of Chicago. She had to put together…

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30 Apr 2015


fter a long but amazing trip. I have arrived back in Chicago. Dublin, Ireland was an amazing town. I had…

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