Breath is the first major release by composer Timothy Corpus. A selection of three works for strings, this album features three very different tracks. The Grant Street String Quartet performed String Quartets 1 & 2. The orchestra for Breath includes the Grant Street String Quartet and various artists. Breath is available on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloud and many other locations. This project was generously funded by an Individual Artist Grant from the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events.

Tim Corpus is a composer with a genuine lyric impulse…a composer with a real and important voice.
Henry Fogel, Dean of Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University, Past President of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Track Listing

1. Breath
2. String Quartet No. 1
3. String Quartet No. 2



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Program Notes



Breath was originally written for string quartet for the Comp du Jour concert at The Hartt School. The purpose of this concert is to compose a piece and have it premiered all in 24 hours. The instrumentation was decided by chance on Friday evening. This piece was started around 8:30pm on Friday, February 3rd and performed at 8:00pm on Saturday, February 4th, 2012. The premiere performance of this work coincided with the birth of my God-daughter, Lucy.
In the time leading up to Lucy’s first breath, the air had been full of excitement, nerves, worries and hope. I wanted to capture all of that in this piece. I wanted to show the love and the impatience everyone had for her arrival. The piece opens with quick breaths followed by the first indication of the theme. As the work develops the atmosphere grows more and more tense. When the main melody finally arrives, so does a release from all of the worries. All that is left is calm love and relaxing breaths.

String Quartet No. 1


String Quartet No. 1 is written for a standard string quartet of two violins, viola and cello. This piece was a challenge to myself to compose a work that germinated from a three note motive. The goal was to come away with a large scale work that showed off my percussive background, while pushing me to work with new harmonies. The music revolves around the three note motive (that is the equivalent of pitch class [0,1,3]) and a C-major triad. This piece was a significant change in the ways I approach composition. This was my first attempt at using tonal-serialism

String Quartet No. 2


Composed in 2012, this work was written in Hartford, Connecticut. Starting with a light and bouncy motive, the rapid pseudo-minimalist style of this work was written in response to the heavy weight of the String Quartet No. 1.



Jen Leckie*, Caroline Slack*, Ben Weber*, Tim Archbold*, Sharon Chang, Erica Carpenedo, Katie Lano, Eric Pidulski, Bonnie Yeager, Ryan Rump, Hope Shepherd & Jeremy Attanaseo. (*indicates Grant Street String Quartet)

Recorded by

Carlock Records at Loyola University Chicago

Artwork by

Taylor Etchison

Released September 2, 2014.